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Avery + Mama

I have known Kelli + Avery for a while, but haven't had the chance to spend much time with them! I ADORE the family that Kelli married into! Kelli actually won a free session back before COVID hit and we were finally able to make our schedules work to capture sweet Ave's! Kelli is such beautiful person inside and out and she's a LOVELY Mama! It is always fun for me to see and learn from other people, by watching them interact with their children! She is kind, gentle and FUN! Thank you both for coming out and letting me capture a little bit of your love for one another! I'm REALLY excited to get YOU (Mama reading this) and YOUR little ones in front of my camera! It's what really makes me so passionate about photography, Capturing motherhood! Happy Thursday! I'm headed to a family session in just a little bit!

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