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Benavidez Family

I LOVED this family! Elias is getting ready to ship out with the Air Force and Vicki wanted to do a session before he leaves. First of all. THANK YOU for your service...ALL of you! When a family member serves, everyone serves! Our world is crazy right now, but I'm so thankful for soldiers like Elias who are positive and capable! Many of my family members have served our country and one of my cousins was killed in is in their honor that I try to give back and do sessions when I feel God prick my heart. Rarely do I ever comment on the "we're needing family photos" posts on Facebook, but I felt God prick my heart and so I commented and I'm so thankful to have been given the privilege of photographing this family! Have I mentioned that I love my job? Well I do and it's because of clients like this that the fire in my soul to be better gets lit over and over again! I love you guys :)

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