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Brad + Tara | 11.6.21

Brad + Tara...Where to even begin! I just had SO much fun photographing these two, catching up with old friends at their wedding and spending the weekend soaking in all the love! I feel so honored and blessed to have been asked to photograph this gorgeous day, God gave us the perfect fall weather! We started around 12 and the atmosphere of the day was just SO laid back...I loved that! I don't think one thing didn't go as planned, and if you've ever been a part of a wedding, you know that usually is NOT the case :)

I am so excited that my very good friend Leah was able to assist me for this wedding! We ALWAYS have such a great time and work with "one brain" it's amazing :) We started with the details, I love Tara's style! The ring, flowers, invites...all just gorgeous! Take a peek at those earrings too! As the day progressed it was evident that this wedding was extra precious to each family as this was the first daughter to get married and first child to be married on Brad's side. Lots of choking back tears as I watched Dad struggle (If you want to see some of those photos, check out my Instagram stories) SO precious! One of the things I loved the most was how they honored their heritage and remembered the grandparents that could not be with them. It says a lot about a couple that chooses to honor their grandparents! I love that! I could write a book on the fun of this wedding, but I'll let you take a peek at the photos and see for yourself! Congratulations Brad, Tara, Smith + Everett Family! I just loved getting to capture your families! See you soon! Becky

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