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Carter | Senior '23 | Otsego Michigan | Senior Photographer | Kalamazoo Michigan

Where to even start. This guy is the first one to make me an Auntie! I can remember my oldest brother coming to my room in the wee hours of the morning and saying "Pong is in labor"...I was dressed and out the door to the hospital in like .75 seconds lol! Carter is the sweetest young man and almost never goes without giving a hug when we're together. He's an AMAZING basketball player and even made the paper AND won the most popular athlete out of several schools a while back...yet when you meet'd never know it! Quiet, humble and In my best auntie voice...adorable. I could not be prouder of this guy and all that he's going to accomplish post high school. He's loved by so many and has such a big cheering section in life! I almost think he should take up modeling! These are some of my most favorite senior photos EVER! He just nailed every single photo! Love you so much Carter! My Senior calendar is filling fast, so if you'd like me to be the one that captures senior photos, please email or call me. I absolutely LOVE seniors! -Becky


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