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Chris + Jana 10.9.21

I spent yesterday with SUCH a cool and easy going wedding party! It's been a while since I've felt like part of the group at a wedding, but these guys changed that! They accepted me being in their business right away and were super helpful and cooperative...well most of them..ahem...Adam...ahem ;) LOL! But seriously they were SO much fun and I enjoyed every second of being able to capture these memories for them! From the very low key / laid back getting ready photos, to the formal group photos, it just felt...easy! I think that speaks to two LOVING my job and also Chris and Jana being so sweet and genuinely loving people! You could just FEEL the love from everyone attending almost felt like a massive party with all your best friends!! The hooting and hollering / heckling during speeches, everyone dancing together, the laughter...It was really special to witness and be a part of! I will say they go down as the fastest wedding ceremony in history though...I think it was less than 5 minutes!!! They chose The Lit for their day and my goodness! It is BREATHTAKING! Highly recommend to future brides that love a historic/romantic /vintage vibe! It was beautiful inside and out. I am headed out of town for the week on a getaway with my husband! First one in 4 years and I plan on enjoying every second of it :) So if you need me...I'll be back to work the 20th! Much love to everyone and so many congratulations to Chris and Jana!!

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