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Eleanor | 6 months

Meet gorgeous little Eleanor, her sweet Mama Savannah and her AMAZING Grammy Tonya! I literally just can't keep these photos to myself. I am absolutely smitten with these people and I'm so excited to give them photos that they can look back to over the years and remember how chubby and sweet little Eleanor! I can't help but long to have photos like these of myself and my babies! I'm GONNA make it happen SOON! I was just looking at dresses last night trying to decide which one I want to purchase and then mentally prepping the kids outfits. That's one thing I love about having a studio, I'm able to take that part out of the process for the Mama's! All the dresses you see here are in my client closet. You get to choose what to wear and if I don't have it in my closet? I'm always open to purchasing it if it's something I will continue to use as time goes on. I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! The weather is beautiful! I'm currently working in Ann Arbor Michigan..I had an ordering appointment this morning and now I'm.gearing up for a beautiful engagement session tonight! Talk to you soon! Becky

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