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Feeling Official!

Big Things Are Coming! Thank you so much for viewing my site! This is just a starting point, I have many dreams for my little business and can't wait to share them as they become a reality! I've needed a website for YEARS and just haven't felt like I could handle one with my schedule. There is nothing worse than clicking on a blog or site and it's totally outdated. I feel like this is one that I can keep up on! It's simple and sweet, but totally customizable over time!

Here in Michigan we can SMELL Spring, the weather has been beautiful and it is just a few weeks away! That's always such an exciting time, but this year it's especially exciting because the flowers aren't the only thing growing! I am too! On April 1st I take possession of my very first brick and mortar studio! I have lost sleep over the amount of amazing moments I'll be able to capture in this place! It's small and quaint, but I feel like it's a perfect fit for me! I seriously appreciate your business! Whether you come to me for your photos or drop my name to your friends...I'm forever grateful! I will absolutely be posting some before/afters of this place as we make changes to reflect Becky Martin Fine Art Photography! xo-Becky

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