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Jordan | Newborn | Kalamazoo Photographer | Otsego Michigan | Newborn Photographer

Mr. Jordan came to see me a a few weeks ago and I just could not be more in love with this little guy! He is one BLESSED little boy to be so adored by so many. His Mama + I are becoming fast friends and I'm so happy to share these images with you!

We had his ordering appointment last night and his Daddy cried. I love it when the work I put into capturing your little one's, brings tears to your eyes. I am deeply moved by many things in life and I tend to draw clients that are authentic, love their children a lot and appreciate the little things...I LOVE that! I hope you guys are having a great summer, if you know someone expecting it would mean a lot to me if you'd share my information with them or even just forward them this email.💕 **A few months back I went to Chicago for some training in newborn sessions and that was SUCH a successful trip! I really feel much more confident to get all the adorable poses that you love. The first image is a composite which means I take two images and merge them in photoshop, so my hands were actually on baby the entire time. Someone who looks at it and thinks they're supporting themselves/ tries it at home, could injure the baby. Always trust someone who has had the training! ** The last photo is me and PJ snuggling last night before his reveal/ ordering appointment...goodness I love me some babies ;) XOXO, Becky

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