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Kalamazoo, Michigan Motherhood Photographer | Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Tulip Time!

The majority of my childhood and adult life was spent in Holland, Michigan. It was an amazing childhood! I love the town, I love the people, it has ALL the story book feels and...I just love it! It In a world where everything is crazy, I love being there. My favorite flower used to be the rose, but the more I live, the more I'm drawn to the Tulip! It's the flower of "Home." If you know Holland at all, you know it has a MAJOR Tulip Time Festival every year! It starts in just a few days and I really wanted to capture another Tulip themed photo of Nora! I will post the one from last year and then the one I captured tonight. If you have never visited Holland, Michigan during Tulip Time?! You HAVE to add it to your bucket list...IT.IS.BEAUTIFUL...except that one year when it was a "stem festival" because they bloomed REALLY early and by the time the festival arrived? The flowers were long gone LOL! Have a great weekend! Becky

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