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Kalamazoo, Michigan Photographer | Motherhood Photographer| Becky Martin Photography | Charlie

I could not be more excited to share sweet ADORABLE little Charlie with you! He reminds me of the little porceline dolls that I used to see in my Grandmothers house growing up, just absolutely perfect! His family drove about an hour to see me and I mean...these kids are just darling! I fell in love with Libby + Trent right away and sweet Caroline is just a HOOT! Such a cutie. I am still booking newborns through the end of the year and into the beginning of next, if you or someone you know if expecting...please send them / come my way! I am offering a discount to the next few Mama's that book sessions, so please don't drag your feet! Happy Independence Day weekend, I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your families! I may share one more photos this weekend yet of my own kiddos! Talk to you soon! Becky

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