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"Kindergarten Graduation"

I am in a Fine Art Photography group and we are having a photography challenge to stay sharp during the down time and this week's challenge was "nostalgia".

I knew the second that I read the title, that I would shoot this photo. My Dad is one of my very best friends and I have ALWAYS been a "daddy's girl"...

I remember in the 90's we were stationed in Montana and my Dad was transitioning from the Military into the Ministry. It was a busy time and yet so full of joy. My parents were and continue to be amazing humans...we struggled..badly actually...with finances when my dad couldn't find a job after leaving the Military. We had no idea that anything was amiss. They made our world so secure and beautiful, we got to enjoy childhood without the burden of adult problems. I love them for that!

What does that have to do with this photo? Well it was my kindergarten graduation and I didn't have shoes that fit that were appropriate for the occasion. My dad took the time to take me to the store and purchase the most beautiful sparkly white shoes I'd ever seen!! I was tall already, but I walked "taller"! I felt SO beautiful, I felt adored, I felt loved and cherished by my dad. It's one of the sweetest/ earliest memories that I have of my Dad's love for me.

I wanted to pay tribute to such a sweet moment in my life by capturing my Dad with my Nora...I can't handle how incredibly sweet these two are together, We..Nora Jo and I are smitten with this incredible guy!

We love you so much Dad / Papa!

I'm excited to learn the next challenge, to photograph and share another story with you guys!

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