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Nora + Her Kittens

I have always enjoyed having the farm, I've always been grateful for it, but seeing the excitement of our kids when baby kittens come to the farm is just SO much fun! Nora Jo is ADORABLE with them...she squeezes them(but not too hard), talks to them, carries them around and squeals when she talks about them! I HAD to capture them all together, which, HUGE shout out to my other daughter Octavia for being the kitten and toddler wrangler so that I can focus on actually taking the photo lol! Anyway-I just wanted to share a little bit of cuteness with you all! I hope the start to your summer has been amazing! Ours has been WONDERFUL! We're making the most of all our days and I just couldn't ask for anything more than that! The other day I had the kids make a list of at least 5 things they wanted to do this summer, we wrote down a few fun things they'd like to do and then a few things they wanted to learn. My goal is to have them refer back to that list (we put them on the fridge for easy reference) when the summer boredom or lots of arguing sets in. Fingers crossed that it works and we have a successful summer of constant learning and character growth outside of the school year! What things are you doing with your kids this summer? How do you make the most of your days? I'm a HUGE advocate of constant learning, but I'm not always the best at making it FUN lol! I'll take any hints and tips I can get! Much love! Becky P.S. Her dress is from Amazon + Her bonnet is, of course, from Maliwear :) Go check out her gorgeous stuff!

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