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Otsego, Michigan | Becky Martin Fine Art Photographer | 5 Tips for Your Senior Photos

Hi There! Thank you for stopping by! I'm going to dive right in, because I know we're all busy, but I have to say how much I LOVE Senior's! They are typically excited about life in general at this point and it makes capturing this massive milestone extra fun and special! When I'm chatting either with the Senior or the parents, there are a few questions that come up when we're planning our session and I thought I'd share those with you! #1 How Much Time Do We Need?

Typically 2-4 hours. You want to make sure that when you're scheduling your senior session that you're taking into account travel time, outfit changes and anything else that may pop up (traffic etc) You want a photographer that is going to have some knowledge of how to work the time/light you have with how many locations/outfits you have. This takes some skill + experience so make sure you talk about it and don't assume the photographer knows how to do this, especially if they're new :) #2 How Many Outfits Should I Bring? Short answer? As many as you'd like! I typically say 3-5.

a. Casual - jeans + tee

b.Dressy.- jeans + tie / suit and tie / nice dress or pants + blazer

c. Dressy Casual- jeans + jacket / jeans + nice top or dress with jean jacket etc

d. Sports outfits - soccer, basketball, football jersey

e. solid colored dress - I love to get just a simple, elegant photo of girls dressed up #3 What Do You Want To Remember? I am a huge fan of trying to tell the story of your entire Senior year through these photos:)

Do you play sports? Bring the jersey and equipment.

Do you play an instrument? Bring it or we can coordinate to include it if you can't bring it along (like a piano lol)

Do you volunteer or enjoy a specific hobby? Let's incorporate that! You will LOVE looking back on this and showing your own kids some day!

#4 Who Can Come Along? I have had many times where the senior comes alone and many times where one or both parents attend. I've had boyfriends / girlfriends tag along...There is no wrong answers, but I just say make sure you're going to feel totally comfortable with whomever you bring!

I typically love to capture whoever comes with you in a photo! Just to help document this time as well! #5 When Is the Best Time to Book My Session? This is purely up to you as well! Do you love the heat / beach/ summer? Then schedule a summer session! If you love the summer / fall, then maybe book in September or even split your session into 2 and grab two different seasons! If you hate the heat, book a winter session! No matter what season you book I'm going to try to get you in the studio for some high fashion / completely different looks! Let me know if there are any other questions you'd like answered or any helpful hints that you would add to this post! Can't wait to photograph you! -Becky

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