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Otsego, Michigan | Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | 3 Reasons to Say "Yes" to Maternity Photos

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! If you're clicking on this post, I assume you are either expecting or know someone who is! Congratulations, because...babies are cute :)

Maybe you're just curious about what I think are the top 3 reasons anyone needs maternity photos? I don't really know why you're here, but welcome and I"m thankful for you! Let's dig in... I am a mom to 5! ( 6 legally -4 birthed/2 adopted, but one returned to birth family :) Happy for him! We're ok with this) Annnnnyway- when I was pregnant with my first I was! I had high blood pressure, I was working full time, my husband was working 90 hours a week, we were living with my parents while trying to purchase our first about stress :) The last thing I wanted to do was hop in front of a camera for photos! That was almost 11 years ago... Hear me out. I am heartbroken I let these things come before capturing that SMALL period of time that I carried this sweet boy in my body.

#1 You Actually Won't Be Pregnant Forever

If you're days away from delivery, you won't believe me here, but I promise your baby is going to arrive soon lol! In about 18 months you're going to be wishing these moments back as you try to catch that little human running all over the place! You're going to miss all that goes along with pregnancy...well ALMOST all. HA! Think of how it feels like you just announced to your friends and family that you're expecting and here you are...almost ready for delivery!

#2 In 10 years You Won't Care About Those Ankles

I literally used to have imprints on my feet from MY FLIPFLOPS! You want to talk swollen? I WAS SWOLLEN. Like, look like I got stung by a bee ha! It's been 10 years. I don't care. I want to be able to look back and laugh / groan about how uncomfortable that was! I want to remember being excited when I found socks that didn't cut off my circulation! Photos would bring that back and they will for you as well. Take the photos.

#3 You Don't Get A Second Chance One of the things that drives me forward with photography is that life is SHORT. I don't always remember things as clearly as I want to. I NEED photographs. I need to be able to look back through photos of years gone by too quickly and remember...I want to be taken back to that time I felt my little boy kick for the first time. I want to remember how I felt when I had that first Braxton hicks contraction. I want to remember feeling him roll inside. The cravings (no matter how many years pass I won't want to remember the heartburn 😂) I want to remember how blessed I felt to be a Mom, something I dreamed hours and hours of my entire life...I want to look at photos and cry because it went too fast...I want to hold the photos of each pregnancy and compare how differently or similarly I carried with each one, but I can't. Because I didn't take them. There is nothing I can't do about that now...or ever.

Please...if you're expecting. It's a miracle. It's going to change your life 100% whether it's your first or 20th. You don't carry the same each time. You may retain loads of water with one and be thin and fit with the next! Please trust me here... -Becky P.S. Why not gift a session to someone you love?


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