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Otsego, Michigan Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Andrlik Angels

OOOOOOK! How in the world does ONE family have SO MUCH BEAUTY?!

I am telling you that Kathy + I had WAY too much fun coordinating the look for this session and I love how it all came together! Sibling rare is it to get one that you LOVE and would print for your walls? Real smiles? I love the challenge and I think we managed to capture each child's personality to a "t"! Such great kids! Before I became a photographer I wanted to be a cosmetologist, so I especially loved styling the girls hair and making them feel amazing.... it went to another level when they put on the dresses! The amount of twirling, giggles and FUN we had is such a priceless memory! They will never forget the feeling of FEELING beautiful! When we had our reveal session I was so happy to hear the girls say "I look so beautiful! Look at my hair!"...this is what we want to hear them say. I love that they didn't pick out their flaws or knit pick every photo, they truly loved them! Mom ordered quite a few for her walls, it's going to be an amazing day when these arrive from

All of the clothes you see in these photos are available in my client closet! These dresses are breathtaking and I'm SO excited to own them!


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