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Otsego, Michigan | Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Rafael Family

I am so excited to share some of Maria's family with you!

I met Maria last summer when I took Senior Photos for her twin daughters, I was SO impressed with how these girls presented and handled themselves! Maria is an incredible, incredible human...she is the sweetest and kindest person. She has been raising these SIX children on her own since she was pregnant with the youngest and I asked her what her secret was! ALL of these kids are AMAZING! So kind, so fun, so polite, genuine, hardworking ,respectful...I mean...I can only hope that my children grow up to be this pleasant to for others to be around! Anyway- Maria contacted me back about a month ago and said that their family pet had to be put down due to a medical condition and that she wanted some photos to remember the bond she had with the whole family. "Baby Girl" has been a part of their family for 16+ years. I am a pet lover myself and was really touched by how deeply they all loved their dog. They came down to the studio and I just LOVE how these photos turned out, we did some with and some without "baby girl" and then during our reveal we all cried. A LOT. I know how much their dog meant to them and I know how much these photos mean to Maria. She hasn't had a family photos in 15 years. I can't tell you what it means to me to get to be the one that captured these for her. She deserves SO much goodness in life. I just love you Maria and I'm proud to call you my new friend :)

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