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Otsego, Michigan Fine Art Photographer | Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Baby Faith

Ahh...I am so excited to share my newest niece and cutie patootie niece + Nephew with you all! Faith is LITTLE...I mean...SO little! She was under 5 lbs when Mom + Dad brought her home and I just can't get over how petite she is! I'm already in love and can't wait to watch her grow up :) My sister in law brought the kids in for some photos in addition to our scheduled newborn session and I"m telling you...having a 4 year old, 2 year old and Newborn in my little studio for a few hours was BUSY lol! I loved hearing them giggle and while Mom may not have believed that we got "the shot"...check it out for yourself! 😍

The thing about kids if you have to take their queues and run with it! Photos are one of the times where you just let kids run the show if you want amazing, genuine, natural images! I always encourage parents to not scold or get upset during our session. They're going to be wild, they're going to test those boundaries, but I will keep up with them and you will thank me when you see the photos during your reveal session! Photos are stressful enough as it is, let me take the lead and make it fun! 💕 I just LOVE these images...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Siblings photos are ones we will shed bittersweet tears over when we're watching our last one walk that graduation isle...schedule the shoot. If you already have a photographer, schedule with her/him! I don't care who captures them for you...just make the time to do it! Much Love! Becky


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