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Otsego, Michigan | Motherhood Photographer| Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Hannah's Mama

OH...Where do I even start?! I have known Shelly since she was a toddler really and I can honestly say from the get-go she has OOZED kindness. We have always been drawn to one another and stayed in loose contact over the years. We both have a love for Music + Motherhood which is just more of a reason to connect and stay in each others lives! Back a few months ago, I offered to capture a motherhood session for her, because I wanted her to experience what it's like to have these photos...these memories...these MOMENTS that go by so quickly...stopped in the form of a photograph. We live quite a ways from one another and so I wasn't super confident she would take me up on the offer...BUT SHE DID!!! She drove 5.5 hours to come and have this session done! She also included both her own Mama + Steph daughter, which to me says so much about who Shelly is. Absolutely sweet.

As I think of our session all I can think is that one day is going to be the last day your child needs you to tuck them in. it may be the last time you sing them a lullaby or hold them in your lap when they're hurt. With each passing day, they need us less + little guys don't need me to hold their hands when we go across the street or do all the things for them, because they're growing up. I can only faintly remember what their chubby little hands looked like even though it seems like just yesterday I was tracing the lines to memorize them. This is why I'm so passionate about these Motherhood sessions. I KNOW it's an investment. I KNOW it takes time and the process of getting to my studio or location can be stressful, but I PROMISE you, I will not let you go until I have these moments captured for you to embrace and enjoy over and over as the years march on! I will make it lighthearted and a fun experience for your kiddos! Come and just give it a go. One try. My hope is that Mama's will get into doing these every few years to truly capture the journey. I hope you guys are having an amazing Saturday and that you're living in the much as I appreciate you viewing my photos and blog...go and be present with your babies! 🥰😉 Much LOVE! Becky

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