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Otsego, Michigan Motherhood Photographer | Becky Martin Photography | Poppy + Tulip

I am excited to share these with you guys! Poppy and Tulip are pup sisters who have such amazing parents! I was really looking forward to this session and it did not disappoint! Tulip is the younger of the two and has a heart defect and some other issues. They aren't sure what exactly the future holds, but she has the best pup parents and they're doing what they can to help her. (including carrying her a few blocks to this location so she doesn't get too tired / over use her heart 😍) So sweet! Heather is the owner of my favorite local boutique in downtown Holland, called The Poppy Peach. If you haven't already been there I HIGHLY suggest you go...but wait until pay day because you will want ALL the things!! Happy Weekend! Becky

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