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Otsego, Michigan Photographer |Becky Martin Fine Art Photography | Evelyn Turns 1!

Stephanie, I think, is my first "google client" :) My brother recently pushed me to make my business official on google and I am SO thankful, because without that push I never would have met Stephanie + Evelyn! What a sad life it would be without them 💕 Stephanie is local to me and we immediately hit it off! She is SUCH a sweet Mama and we just laughed + giggled the entire time at how cute Evelyn is! She...was..a.. HAM during her session! She is joyful and easy going which says so much about the way Stephanie is raising her! She's an awesome Mama! I LOVE that she was willing to hop in front of my camera for a few Motherhood Portraits...I PROMISE 10 years she's going to sit and sob over these photos and how quickly the time has thing she won't do is regret taking them. Mama...Take the photos. Get in the photos so that you AND your children can cherish the photos! Much Love! Becky


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