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Sunkissed in Kissimmee!

I had the honor while on vacation, of meeting and photographing this AMAZING family! I can't even tell you how beautiful they are...the way they interact with such patience... their love and commitment to their kids was evident in just the first few minutes I spent with them!

You know when you just "click" with someone? I felt that way with Breanna! We met, gave each other a hug right off the bat and it felt like I was photographing an old friend! I LOVE when that happens! They are an incredibly laid back/happy family, which makes photographing SO much fun!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how stinking ADORABLE the girls are in their Carriage House dresses?! I about died when they stepped out of the car! I mean does it get more beautiful than these two in these dresses?! We took these photos in #kissimmeeflorida at the Lakefront park...such a beautiful location and we will definitely visit again when we're there! If you are headed to Florida check it out! My husband and kiddos even saw a gator! Hope everyone made it through hump day unscathed...Mine was TOO eventful. It included a trip to the ER, youngest son in tow, thanks to a trampoline accident! He's going to be ok, but sheesh. Yesterday he knocked out his two front teeth doing a flip on the trampoline and today he nearly broke his ankle! I'm ready for Friday. lol!

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