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The Lucas Family

I was honored to have been the photographer at Aaron + Amanda's wedding years ago now. I photographed them after the wedding and now I get to photograph them as a family! This is what fulfills me as a photographer! Getting to see the same people, the document your story, to watch your family grow and capture it with a heart that genuinely LOVES you and your littles! It's the best life!

Amanda is a photographer now as well and it's such a compliment that she's in the industry and still chooses/trusts me to capture these moments!

Is their daughter not a DOLL?! Ah...I was smitten with her right away!

Aaron + Amanda are just the sweetest couple, they have been shining the love of Jesus from the day I met them and I truly believe our hearts were knit in that moment. I love friends that love God!

Enjoy ooing and ahing at their little peanut!

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