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The word for week 2 of the Fine Art Photo challenge I've been taking part in is "Vulnerable". There were so many routes I wanted to go with this one, but I ultimately decided on this one after a suggestion from my husband brought this image to mind.

Would love to know how it speaks to you. What do you feel when you look at it?

Are you nervous about performing?

Are you being benched because you aren’t good enough?

Are you being left in the dust in the friend department?

Don’t stop trying. Don’t give up! Don’t change who God made you to be just to fit in, but DO work to better yourself for YOU! Do never stop learning and do continue to treat people kindly…those friends will come.

I won’t share the deep meaning behind this photo just yet, but this is my oldest Son Cleton…he’s 10 and struggling a bit to “fit in” ..

He’s such a gem and those who give him a chance unlock and enjoy the presence of true loyalty and kindness that is rare in humans these days. I will love this image for the rest of my life. 💕

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